Saturday, December 10, 2011

Very Tired Recently...

D; so in case no one knows (yes, no one knows.. what am i talking abt) i switched skools. :D i used to be in CAIS (Christian Alliance P.C. Lau Memorial International School), and I've switched to CDNIS (Canadian International School). I actually miss CAIS a lot... ): i've been there from kindergarten 2 - grade 8.... anyways, i'll save all those "i miss you"'s for another post

I'M VERRYY EXHAUSTEDD O_O in CAIS, our teachers didn't believe in intense homework, so we don't a ton of homework. There are actually weeks where i'd lay at home without feeling the pressure of hw, or even touchingg hw, simply cuz there was none. AHAHAA
yes, in CDNIS, it is very intense. CAIS is one of the 30-40 international schools in Hong Kong, but CDNIS is ranked at the top of the international schools along with other schools such as HKIS (Hong Kong International School) or CIS (Chinese International School) [altho CIS and HKIS doesn't hav a good reputation...] No, actually, CDNIS and HKIS rn't just the top in the international schools ladder; it's one of the tops in Hong Kong. it's obviously not the top (lol), but one of the best ones ahha.
THAT"S Y I"M SO STRESSED D; i've had my whole life of leisure in CAIS, and that's y changing to CDNIS all of a sudden is like as if someone pressed the fast forward button in my life LOOL. all of a sudden i'm getting TONS OF HW, and i'm introduced into the 4 year of MYP [Middle Years Program (it's an IB program)], and i'm just expected to kick right into the fourth year of the 5 years in MYP. so i'm introduced into a brand new environment, grading system, and different material in the textbooks. i'm even introduced to brand new devices at once, including the macbook, TI-84+ calc, and all the systems our skool set up into our mac (which is like about 100 different softwares to learn). iT"S HARD I TELL YOU.
but then again, the technology part doesn't rly bother me. learning different inventions at a high speed rate is one of the only things i'm proud of hohhoo. but the HOMEWORRKK is killing me and the BIG ADAPTATION SKILLS I NEED ARE MISSSINGGG.


Saturday, September 10, 2011


omg it's been SUCH a long time!!
i transferred schools ): i'll miss my old school (CAIS) but gotta say... my new school (CDNIS) RULES THE UNIVERSE :D

i actually love the new school i'm in right now. =] the people are friendly, there's no drama between the people, the academics is much much better, and omg just summing it up it's AWESOMEE!!
but then obviously i miss my old school as well ): i've been at CAIS for 10 yrs and i love the people there... *AHEM* exceptone*AHEM* but i'm actually really grateful that i left cuz CAIS doesn't run a good cirriculum whereas CDNIS as PYP MYP IB and Ontario cirriculum sooo i love it here =] and i really wanted to avoid the grade drama at CAIS (as u can see those disgusting emo posts i had -__- don't think i'm over the top, cuz i can name a few who r even more over the top than me) cuz it was a rlyrly sad time for me these yrs at CAIS tho i love it so much ):
and once again, THANK GOD i left CAIS!!

and thanks to u all who follow my blog!!! i never actually expected more than 1 follower O_O because that ONE follower is my best friend... HAHHAHA :D

THANK YOU ALL!!! :D (omg i feel like a star)

Monday, February 7, 2011


BIGBANG!! my favorite band on earth. Um i hav no idea why this is underlined but haha sure.
this is actually homework, our home economic teacher wants us to bring the design we want on our bags to skool. and i wanted BIGBANG ON IT!! but i had to crop it out. so yeah. and i couldn't copy off the file, so i resolved to posting it here. yay. :D now this is for u to use too!

Monday, January 10, 2011


well i live in Hong Kong, so it really isn't that big of a job to get a mongrel
i can literally pick one off the street, except for the fact that it's illegal (^0^)/
well mongrels come from China anyways.
specially Hong Kong

our dog is 2 months old~
tho he looks so much younger than that.
and we only took him home for 3 days
and he grew bigger!!
mongrels grow so fast.
it's kinda sad.
miss his baby face alrdy. D:

his name is Lazy xD
and yes his name corresponds to his personality
tho he's kinda crazy too when he wakes up
i guess Naughty suites him as well

May God bless my dog and his crazy habit of peeing everywhere. :D


one of my habits is to reread some posts i hav up.
i changed so much
i actually sound a lot more mature before O_o
i wonder what happened...
and i like some of the writing here better than the ones i write right now... wow...

well i guess it's cuz too much happened :D
we all just want fun >:D
so we're trying to cover the emoness with cheerfulness
oh well.


8 exams in 4 days D:
and i'm not even talking to Julia anymore D:
i miss talking to her until 12am every skool night and 4-5am every weekend D:
and i'm not texting Elizabeth as much anymore eitherrrrrrrrrrrr D:
she's starting to text my best friend Vivienne D:
but still, right now, julia is more important to me. :D

Thursday, January 6, 2011


As some may know, Kpop (Korean pop) is taking over and dominating >:D
top bands like Super Junior, SNSD, and mostly Big Bang is at the top of the charts. AHH!!!
although SHINee is taking its time coming up.
people say 2NE1 is also one of the tops, which i disagree on, because first of all, they became famous because Big Bang backed them up. really, their songs r kinda MEHH. and it's been barely some time, and they alrdy get this most liked award?? bullcrap -_-

I recently watched I Am Sam, a Korean drama. Honestly, i find it kind of boring. Reason why i watched it was because T.O.P from Big Bang is in it!! xDDD AHH!! omg T.O.P is the hottest human being u can ever find on this planet xDDDD and then i realized i wasn't alone. everyone else who watched I Am Sam also watched it for T.O.P >:D Maybe i'll start watching Iris soon, since T.O.P is in it too hehe

Okay, some people say T.O.P isn't hot based off of pictures. but that's cuz most of his coolness is in VIDEOS. and SHOWS. etc. xD and his image is the delinquent kinda guy, and srsly, it's not ONE picture that tells u how he looks like. cuz he has SOOO many different looks. go on google, and search up on images "T.O.P big bang" and u'll see wat i mean >:D and maybe try to watch a few shows he's in. he's truly awesome. :D

My second favorite band is none other than 2AM. they are not at the top or anything, and they are not as close to the top as SHINee, but they are still awesome. xDD especially the leader, JoKwon. seriously speaking, he is about to be the funniest guy i've ever seen. He's in the korean variety show, We Got Married, featured as the Adam Couple. In other words, he is the most welcomed couple with GaIn from Brown Eyed Girls. Honestly, I am not even kidding, this show is the funniest thing u can find. xD

We Got Married is a variety show that starts off with 3 assigned couples. As i said, they were assigned, they didn't get the choice. GaIn from Brown Eyed Girls didn't even know she was in the show until one day after her concert, she found a mailbox in her changing room, read the mail, and was abandoned at the meeting spot by her fellow band mates -_- poor girl. but they ended up being the most welcomed couple. SADLY, they are BREAKING THE ACT D': GaIn backed out. no idea why. *SNIFF* R.I.P ADAM COUPLE.

if you guys say that Korean reality/variety shows are crap and no good and not funny or watever, u guys hav got to get ur brains checked -_- Asian reality/variety shows r the funniest thing on earth. Japan is known for the funny shows they hav, but so is Korea. Their shows r RLY FUNNY xD some i've enjoyed are Hello Baby, We Got Married, Star King, U-Kiss Vampire and such. they're kinda hard to find, but extremely enjoyable. xDD