Saturday, September 10, 2011


omg it's been SUCH a long time!!
i transferred schools ): i'll miss my old school (CAIS) but gotta say... my new school (CDNIS) RULES THE UNIVERSE :D

i actually love the new school i'm in right now. =] the people are friendly, there's no drama between the people, the academics is much much better, and omg just summing it up it's AWESOMEE!!
but then obviously i miss my old school as well ): i've been at CAIS for 10 yrs and i love the people there... *AHEM* exceptone*AHEM* but i'm actually really grateful that i left cuz CAIS doesn't run a good cirriculum whereas CDNIS as PYP MYP IB and Ontario cirriculum sooo i love it here =] and i really wanted to avoid the grade drama at CAIS (as u can see those disgusting emo posts i had -__- don't think i'm over the top, cuz i can name a few who r even more over the top than me) cuz it was a rlyrly sad time for me these yrs at CAIS tho i love it so much ):
and once again, THANK GOD i left CAIS!!

and thanks to u all who follow my blog!!! i never actually expected more than 1 follower O_O because that ONE follower is my best friend... HAHHAHA :D

THANK YOU ALL!!! :D (omg i feel like a star)