Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Fellow Classmates ^^

i've realized how blogs are just so slient now. would anyone like to liven it again? i would love to, but it's unfortunately failing, big time ^^ so if there's any supporters here who'll support me, please post up a newest juciest gossip or rumor or wat-so-ever. and if girls get into fights, please fight on the blog too ^^ why, i hope that you are EVEN READING THIS. thank you very much.

Yours Truely,


Hope this picture will energize you up. Yes, i'm embarassing myself. But that's better than having a quiet world =.= i had my pockets in my pjs and me + viv + lez were at viv's place for sleepover cuz viv's turning 12! and so we were doing a tragic scene, where someone tries to kill sumone and another person saves that guy. and i was the one who GOT SAVED. and viv was the one who SAVED. and i was mourning over her. i told vivienne to move that chair. cuz when i got up, my pockets were jammed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


sooooo everyone remember Charlotte, right?? well, she just reported in that she recently discovered that: SHE'S 2 MONTHS PREGNANT!!! COOL RIGHT?? it's due in around May. MAN TALK ABOUT FRUITFUL COUPLES!!

Charlotte, my dear friend, wish you best of luck. Bye. lol jkjk ttyl!!