Friday, May 29, 2009

Audition Wallpapers

SUPER great wallpaper calendars except 4 *ahem* the *ahem* fir-*ah*st one....
u can set them at each month on the right month like i do. but it's only limited till July 2009. sry. i don't have the rest. cuz they don't hav it on the original web.


i'm not les k? but u make me SO happy sumtimes T.T especially on MSN O.o about the Shounen Onmyouji, then Audition, AHH!!!! ur so much better than Lez at this (U HEARD THAT LEZ??) but i still love Lez ^^

and Viv is just always on Lez's side on these cases T.T

but i still love Viv ^^

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kikumaru Eiji desu...

don't u just love this acrobatic guy?? sigh... well, in case u don't, i do. SUPER HOT YET CUTE. TOTALLY MY TASTE.
in case ur wondering, this guy is from Prince of Tennis. i thought that it was stupid b4 too cuz i used to watch it when i was a friggin kid, but now, i see that it's more that that...


i think there's a tie fest going on...
btw, the last pic,Jule-chan!!!!
i found that pic yesterday on one of the chats in mangafox!!! SUPER KAWAIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

i was wondering if there ever was a place where i can watch FFVII CC no PSP cutscenes?? cuz i know there's eps cuz i went on the site, but just where can i friggin watch it? or is it possible that i can't watch it online (i thought so)? i mean, they hav AC even on utube and i watched it, but i wanna watch the original of CC. and 4 the game, u need to play it to fill in the gap between CC and AC, rite?? all i know is that Cloud went back to Midgar and Aerith died... and wat is the Last Order 4? it seems like it's just a redo of CC...
O.O Zack's forhead/hair looks weirddddddd
and: in the beginning of CC, Zack was fighting the ShinRa people on top of the train??? isn't Zack ShinRa's ppl too?? or was it sum kinda test 4 Zack??? i dun rly get it -.-
PS: this is not as confusing as Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny.... but still confusing. cuz i didn't watch the entire thing cuz they cut off sum scenes when i watch the PSP cutscenes... so that's y i dun get it...

Jule-san's request of Abe no Masahiro X Fujiwara no Akiko pair and individual pics

1)Mokkun is looking at Masahiro and Akiko~~ HOHHOHOHO!!!
2)PURE FANART they don't look so old (tho they look more mature in the manga)
5)first time they met, he's doing his duty, protecting the princess, which led to deeper relationships...
6)Akiko tells her problems to Masahiro, the only person who serves her and is welcomed to her directly in the face, without the curtains, while everyone else is left outside.
7)Masahiro give back the yew scent pack that Akiko and him were exchanging for quite sum time, bcuz he knew that he'd die, so he wanted Akiko to take the last yew scent pack that they'd exchange...
8)2 yew scent packs that they'd been exchanging for quite sum time. a poster.
9)poster of Akiko
10) snapshot of Akiko
11) sumwhere in the manga where Masahiro hugs her ( I CAN'T FIND SUBBED MANGA 3+!!)
12)snapshot of Akiko
13)she gets hugged by Masahiro after Masahiro gives back his last yew scent pack (AND THE PART WHERE THEY KINDA SILENTLY CONFESSED BY ACTIONS), with Akiko totally clueless wat is about to happen...
14) snapshot of Akiko
15)Masahiro was gonna get eaten by a mononoke (monster) and he wanted to chant a spell b4 he gets eaten up (unfortunately, failed.)
16)snapshot of Masahiro
17) poster with Masahiro's hair more high up (that's how he ties his hair up in the hat, but when he takes it off, he moved it back down)
18)Masahiro wears a different color that Akiko had left him with. he's fighting in the last battle, where he is destined to die on the battlefield, in sacrafice to revive his one and only best friend, Guren / Mokkun / Touda
19)snapshot of Masahiro
20) snapshot of Masahiro
sry i hafta do it like that cuz if i put it under the pic, then everything will go outta order, and it's really troublesome, and a rly big mess.