Monday, December 7, 2009


okay~~ so like i wanted to post this on utube but it's over the 10 min budget and i tried to send it to most of the ppl but it was over 10 mb ARGHH so i FINALLY REALIZED THERE'S ALWAYS BLOGGER!!!

i wanted to post it up on viv's bday but T.T sad...

every pic (aside for the last 2 which were from g6) were from the sleepover at viv's place!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVIENNE!!!
my present to her >.< PLEASE WATCH IT PEOPLE!!! XDD

Friday, November 27, 2009

Declan Galbraith

oh Declan Galbraith~
dudes!! LISTEN TO HIS SONGS!! like Ego You, and You and Me, XDD

gosh he's changed a lot in looks XDDDDDD

hope u all will like him too!! XDD



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Fellow Classmates ^^

i've realized how blogs are just so slient now. would anyone like to liven it again? i would love to, but it's unfortunately failing, big time ^^ so if there's any supporters here who'll support me, please post up a newest juciest gossip or rumor or wat-so-ever. and if girls get into fights, please fight on the blog too ^^ why, i hope that you are EVEN READING THIS. thank you very much.

Yours Truely,


Hope this picture will energize you up. Yes, i'm embarassing myself. But that's better than having a quiet world =.= i had my pockets in my pjs and me + viv + lez were at viv's place for sleepover cuz viv's turning 12! and so we were doing a tragic scene, where someone tries to kill sumone and another person saves that guy. and i was the one who GOT SAVED. and viv was the one who SAVED. and i was mourning over her. i told vivienne to move that chair. cuz when i got up, my pockets were jammed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


sooooo everyone remember Charlotte, right?? well, she just reported in that she recently discovered that: SHE'S 2 MONTHS PREGNANT!!! COOL RIGHT?? it's due in around May. MAN TALK ABOUT FRUITFUL COUPLES!!

Charlotte, my dear friend, wish you best of luck. Bye. lol jkjk ttyl!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


should i invite Val to my locked blog? if so, as an author, or reader?

Sunday, August 23, 2009


man... i'm happy T.T it's FINALLY OVER!! T.T

Friday, August 14, 2009


hm. this is my first time trying this on Windows. and that ‘O.O’ there’s read swiggly marks underneath it, and it looks like i just saw sum kinda hottie and i’m like O.O and blushing =.=

I think...

i think that i'll b using this blog less, cuz there's this blog that i locked and i like talking in there XD (i just use blogs to make ppl hear my voice and so i'll ease my talking need XD)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

here it is.

a lot.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


look... last year in g5, i know that i gossiped a lot okay? but i wasn't alone either! there were many many ppl out there that got into a fight with me and gossiped a lot too!! and i think that the person last year who possibly gossiped equally as much was probably Val and i dun know about Viv and Lez cuz they wouldn't let me near them but i'm 80% sure they also gossiped quite a lot. and this year the war has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME it's a triangle fight between Val Stef Steph so i'm innocent!! Val gossips more than i do!! @.@ and btw, val, if ur reading this, look... i still like u as a friend okay T.T i don't hate u but then i'm just pointing out sumth here cuz i rly get mad when ppl get the rong image of me @.@ whether nice OR bad

i mean i STILL GOSSIP i mean everyone gossips rite?? just that i'm not the type that gossips and then changes the topic into ANOTHER gossip U GET WAT I MEAN?? THANKS @.@


the app DID work!! so i'm staying here!! the follow thingy at the BOTTOM of the page ^^

Saturday, July 25, 2009


i'm not saying that i'm gonna abandon this site... okay? but like Val sed, i need a follower thingy =.= (tho i dun rly think anyones gonna folo) and i can't add the gadget, so i'm just gonna make a new blog!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Dead... Both... Heartless Killer...

person one: he didn't hafta die... his one and only friend killed him... y did he die??? he's hot, smart, funny, EVERYTHING EVERY GIRL OUT THERE WOULD WANT ;~; y did he die...?

person two (killer): he didn't hafta die either... if it wasn't that he decided to let "that" twist his life... he killed a friend (person one) and he didn't feel sorry... he was... happy... and now that he's dying, he's here hallucinating about his friend (person one)...

This is crazy... i'm gonna stop watching that anime T.T

i'm not gonna suicide don't worry =.=

i don't wanna bleve it... i don't hafta bleve it...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pics i wanted to show u!!

the KFC we call Kenpachi's Fried Cruelty!! XD

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Letter-filled pics



original pic
edited pic

the reason... i hate Shinn @.@

Saturday, July 4, 2009


JULIA!!!!! THANKS!!!!!! u say i hav good taste T.T thanks... i rly need to update my playlist btw... there's a ton of missing my favs -.-

there's Incomplete by The Backstreet Boys (that i forgot to add all the time -.-) and Hot Suff, Stickwitu, Wait a Minute by PCD (The Pussycat Dolls) (I FORGOT TO ADD ALL THOSEEEEE cuz i listened to all these songs when i was small and i TOTALLY forgot about them as i got older -.-)
even tho u only picked out ur favs -.-

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Game (HILARIOUS)

So i was trying to find out a way to download the FFVIICC OST. this is wat i found:

Play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII if you're a fan of the series, if you're a hater of the series, if you're a PSP lover or hater, if you've never touched a console in your entire life. Play if for the sake of almost crying when Zack dies in Cloud's arms and play it for the moment when Bahamut splits the skies in two and descends upon the Earth with a fierce attack. Play this title.. You owe it to yourself and to the cult game that Final Fantasy VII is and will be forever. It's a masterpiece, even when played in a language I can't figure out.

<-----OMG that's SO HILARIOUS that last sentence XD and also really tempting eh? PLAY IT!!

found on:

Friday, June 26, 2009


omg i LOVE my GRANDMA!!!!

as some of you know, i love this kind of food that's kinda sweet and wrapped in this shiny wrapper. they used to sell it in "ichiban" but now they don't anymore since i went to G2 T.T (i used to eat it EVERYDAY)

this food is RLY important to me cuz i've been eating it since i rmb, and it holds a lotta memories 4 me. well my grandma went to China (Clifford AGAIN) and she BOUGHT ME THIS FOOD THAT I HAVENT EATEN SINCE G2!!!!

omg i LOVE HER!!!!!!
b4 it wasn't called this.. and b4 it was longer... and b4 it was different color wrapping... and it was in a little container-like thing... so different now T.T

Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't Know

yo ppl moi listening to anime ops and endings. tell u wat. it's rly good. u can go to my utube channel (figureskatingbug) and u can find one of my lists with abt 40 songs. they're my jap song lists~~i hav 5 lists. one i no longer use. another one is with songs with languages other than jap and eng. and another is soundtracks, another is eng, and another is jap. just click one that ses "Music that I Love 2" and there it is~~~~
so how's summer?
missing skool life alrdy T.T
i DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE I'M GOING 4 SUMMER. at first they sed, "okee... it's decided~~ in June 26 we're going to Canada~~" and then later they sed, "okee.... it's decided~~ in July 17 we're going to China (sumwhere i forgot T.T)" and then NOW my mom's like, "LET'S GO TO CEBU ON JULY SUMWHERE!!!" and i'm like WTF????

I am the following:

a human
an animal
missing you~~

接接到你媽資訊問號之內在乎很在乎很在乎很在乎很在乎很在乎 <---- randomness can kill


陳(9方 doesn't hav my middle chinese character!!)略

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Time

THINK POSITIVE!! there's always a positive side to everything... i mean i'm sad that everything's ending too... but i think that i'm the most sad that there's a possiblity that there's NO YEAR END PARTY!! but i'm still sad that there's no more Chloe and Yau Yau and Val and... Aid? ARGHH!! i'm still gonna see Aid T.T Ms Fed too.... T.T
btw, i promise u... i'll walk even ten thousand miles to see you guys if we meet again sometime!! let's hav reunions ppl!! how does that sound??? KEEP IN TOUCH PLEASEE!!
btw, these songs came from my utube playlist (look at the playlist on the right) (uzer: figureskatingbug (make sure to add me!!))
It's Not Over by Secondhand Serenade <-- actually... i think that this song suits Wan Daicho better since he's heart broken HEHE(omg... am i evil, or am i evil?)
btw... next year... hope it doesn't giv us hell T.T
What Gives You Hell/Hope it Gives You Hell/Gives You Hell (ppl hav been arguing over it 4 a long time O.o) by All American Rejects
and to new kids next year~~ (if there's any) Welcome to the world of doom~~
Welcome To the World by Kevin Rudolph featuring Rick Ross (whoever he is)
just stalking :P i can c how Zzombie calls me stalker lady now XD just check out as much songs on the playlist as possible k? i recommend the song Breathe (2am) and Weight of the World by Evanscence and tons more. check out my channel 4 even more playlists!! i hav 4 playlists but the other one juast has chinese songs which is borrringggggg so i just posted 3 of my music playlists (i hav 5 but i just mainly use 4 :P it's a pain to hav so many songs in a playlist... gotta check them over weekly to see if it's stil available and see if i still like it <--- this part i usually skip -.- too troublesome. so sum of the songs there like sum Aly and AJ songs or JB songs i might not like anymore, yet i didn't take it off O.o) since only 3 playlists r allowed to b displayed. and utube users, i don't recommend the new version of the channel overview. it's a PAIN
so just check out most of the songs on the playlists k?? thx... and hav a fun time~~ i know... i'm sad too T.T
UTUBE ADD ME PLZZZ: figureskatingbug
SINCERELY (translation: evily)HYUGA NEJI!!! U WISH!!
fine. i'm a actually Abe no Masahiro. XD i'd love to b him but i can't T.T
okok. i'm actually Allen Walker. JK never in the world would i turn as cool as him.
I GIVE UP i'm actually Zack Fair... LOL i WISHED that i'd b him T.T
this is the truth... i'm actually Cloud Strife- I WISHED!!!
nothing but the truth this time... i'm actually... Athrun Zala HELL no!! never could i b like him!!hey... i'm actually... ... ... Setsuna F. Seiei. HA! pwned. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!
okay... enough fun... *sigh* i'm actually... Hitachiin Hikaru. that's half tru XD
STOP!! OKAY!! NO MORE JOKES!! I PROMISE!! i'm actually Usui Takumi HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!! NEVER bleve in a promise u idiot!!
*sigh* okay fine. enuf fun. i'm actually... Kuchiki Byakuya. HOW COULD U BLEVE THAT?? THERE'S NEVER ENUF FUN!!!
oh ya. btw, i'm actually...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


i accept WATEVER anime it is EVEN Kuroshitsuji (which i never sed i hated anyways) just as long as it's not GINTAMA then i'm fine k?? GOOD!! DEAL!! now GO FIND ME THIS GUY!!!

It Hurts Too Much

it hurts too much to bear. but it'll hurt even more if i say it. the problem has nothing to do with love okay? it's just that i found the picto cool!

i've tried to giv up on this thing, but it just seems


there's 2 things bugging me. one i tried to giv up on, and i know that it's the ultimate strategy, but i can't help it but let it live me on. i tried neglecting the problem... unfortunately... no help. but the other one, i know i shouldn't giv up. but the goal is just impossible.