Saturday, November 15, 2008

Earning money for noobs (no offense)

For people that are under lvl 15, please read this. I grew up with chickens. In rs (Runescape). I lvled up till i was lvl 11 and started my farther journey outside XD! I also pick up the feathers. Sell it to ppl that are much higher lvl. They are usually rich and are usually members. Members are SUPER RICH I TELL U!! Some of them buy feathers. I dunno what mems do with it, but i use it to fly fish. When i have around 4.5k of feathers, i sell them. I don't have a amount of money i wanna sell it for, but go to a crowded world. Look for ppl that wanna buy it. Sell it! BOY for poor people like me, 3 coins for each feather is a lot T.T. See how poor i am?? More coming up XD

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