Tuesday, July 28, 2009


look... last year in g5, i know that i gossiped a lot okay? but i wasn't alone either! there were many many ppl out there that got into a fight with me and gossiped a lot too!! and i think that the person last year who possibly gossiped equally as much was probably Val and i dun know about Viv and Lez cuz they wouldn't let me near them but i'm 80% sure they also gossiped quite a lot. and this year the war has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME it's a triangle fight between Val Stef Steph so i'm innocent!! Val gossips more than i do!! @.@ and btw, val, if ur reading this, look... i still like u as a friend okay T.T i don't hate u but then i'm just pointing out sumth here cuz i rly get mad when ppl get the rong image of me @.@ whether nice OR bad

i mean i STILL GOSSIP i mean everyone gossips rite?? just that i'm not the type that gossips and then changes the topic into ANOTHER gossip U GET WAT I MEAN?? THANKS @.@


Anonymous said...

haha yeah... i agree XD

Hyuga Neji ROCKZ said...

thanks so much Steph T.T happy~~~~