Saturday, September 10, 2011


omg it's been SUCH a long time!!
i transferred schools ): i'll miss my old school (CAIS) but gotta say... my new school (CDNIS) RULES THE UNIVERSE :D

i actually love the new school i'm in right now. =] the people are friendly, there's no drama between the people, the academics is much much better, and omg just summing it up it's AWESOMEE!!
but then obviously i miss my old school as well ): i've been at CAIS for 10 yrs and i love the people there... *AHEM* exceptone*AHEM* but i'm actually really grateful that i left cuz CAIS doesn't run a good cirriculum whereas CDNIS as PYP MYP IB and Ontario cirriculum sooo i love it here =] and i really wanted to avoid the grade drama at CAIS (as u can see those disgusting emo posts i had -__- don't think i'm over the top, cuz i can name a few who r even more over the top than me) cuz it was a rlyrly sad time for me these yrs at CAIS tho i love it so much ):
and once again, THANK GOD i left CAIS!!

and thanks to u all who follow my blog!!! i never actually expected more than 1 follower O_O because that ONE follower is my best friend... HAHHAHA :D

THANK YOU ALL!!! :D (omg i feel like a star)

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Caroline said...

Hi :)
I saw your comment on someones blog and wanted to help.
To watch Crisis Core cutscenes it is probably best to watch them on Youtube, I'm sure there's bound to be someone who uploads all the cutscenes in the game.
To buy it, I definitely recommend eBay if you can't find it in game stores, that's where I bought it :)
If you're desperate to play FFVII I have a tutorial on my blog on how to download it for free, thats how I played it (such a good game!):

I hope that helps!
if you're a fan of ffvii and/or cloud strife then please follow my blog but its up to you :)