Monday, March 17, 2008

Hey There!!!

HHHEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! So who've we got here? A nice human, aye? Hmm... you're great enough to be an offering to Master Neji... NAH!!! Just kidding, There is no Master Neji around here. At least not in this world. He's just my favorite character in my favorite anime. Oh well, I guess then I have no worries. You will not destroy this lab of mine. ..I'm REALLY sure... I'm sure... I'm pretty sure... um... um... or will you? OKAY!!! I'VE DECIDED!!! YOU WILL NOT DESTROY MY LAB!!! So now, I guess I'll introduce myself, as the tour guide, and the lab owner.
My name is Enid Chan born in Advantist Hospital at 1:00 and I'm 7 and a half hours older than one of my friends, Valerie Pang. We're both born in August 4, 1997. I love the color violet, or in another words, purple, and I hate the color brown. I love Lilies and hate Roses. And... wait, enough chit-chat around here. Let's get to work!


Hyuga Neji ROCKZ said...

btw, i LOVE the color brown now... XD

Anonymous said...

btw, i LOVE the color brown now too...XDDD

Anonymous said...

i dun like purple m8