Friday, April 10, 2009

Poll: Yes or No?

I don't think that I want to write on this blog everyday. So, who says that I should, or not?? POLL!!!!


simeon said...

In my opinion, I think you should write more often on your blog at least once two weeks. Writing everyday would be tiring.

Hyuga Neji ROCKZ said...

oh okay, thanks. but write WAT???? darn.

Anonymous said...

write about how life sucks :P or about positive things...hmmphhhh

Anonoymos said...

YES u must do it.. evry minute.. no i'm just kidding.. when are we taking sticky picz with boys again?

simeon said...

Just write something, what happened, what's going to come, whatever. Just write something. It's even good to write one single word like bored.

Certain Somebody said...

Hey people. Enid is on MSN right now, and she doesn't want to log in. So I'm passing on the message for her because I'm always on.

ok, i guess that i'll try
but if i can't write on everthing don't blame me k?
and vp, the sticky pics, i dunno lol. just whenever la. simeon, u come up with the wackeist ideas. tho i like them. i'll try, peeps!

They are in MSN lang because all I did was copy and paste.