Friday, May 1, 2009

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Somehow, i keep typing Kaichou was maid-sama (Student Council President is a maid). sigh... ANWAYS, u ppl out there hav GOT to read it in mangafox this SPLIT SEC!!! it's so good... it's about Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo. GREAT ART. sigh... Usui Takumi... he just gets hotter by second. and then there's Ayuzawa Misaki, she's so pretty, and she is unconciously in love with Takumi. Takumi too... sigh... and Takumi is so popular amongst the school too... he gets confessions so often that it's almost like a rountine. IT'S JUST SO GOODDDDD PPL. Talking about how the school council president, Ayuzawa Misaki is working part time at a Maid Cafe because her dad left the family, leaving a huge debt behind. Her mom has a weak body, and she also has a younger sibling to take care of. So she's working to sustain the family. She's known for demonic, and very mean to all boys because she hates all boys. But because she works day and night, forcing all the work upon herself, Takumi, the only guy who now knows that she works in a Maid Cafe is worried. And so, he's there all the time, helping Misaki out (such a nice guy...). PLUS. NOT ONLY IS HE NICE. HE HAS A RLYYY BAD FAMILY BACKGROUND TOO (i think). He lives alone in a SUPER big house, for some reason. He's talented in EVERY way, like cooking, chess, soccer, basketball, baseball, fighting, etc, but most of all, HOT. He doesn't care if people hate him, as long as he can help someone with it, it's okay to him. What a dreamy guy...


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