Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Project

So at school, we had to do this project called the Baby Project, where we take care of a 2kg rice bag for a week. We have to treat it like a real baby, and then type 5 journal entries (half page each), a birth certificate, our feelings on our new child (half page), how i can take proper care of my baby and also keep my personal life (1 page), interview parents on how i was like when i was a baby (5 questions), how being a parent affected me during the weekend, daily schedule for me and my baby, and a 200 word reflection on what i learned. I had to change my baby's clothes everyday, which i did NOT do. HEHE. but it's ok. Ms. Vuong never noticed.
I brought my baby, Soba Chan, to Noah's Ark for the weekend, and that was our photo at the hostel (the one with the baby standing on the top bunk bed [yes i know that's dangerous but who will possibly know unless you spill it?])
and i arranged marriage for my son, with Izzy What! they will get married when they turn 23 LOL. i discussed it with her mother, Elizabeth alrdy. and it seems that we both want them to get married to each other. haha.

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