Monday, August 23, 2010

Step Up 3D

So who watched Step Up 3D this summer?
I did.
And i swear it was the BEST one out of ALL 3
Especially when that guy was playing with slurpy with that girl on top of that thing that blew air =_=
And it was right after hearing the music that was playing at the background at the moment that made me decide immediately to get the soundtrack which I saw earlier in Hong Kong Records when walking the store with my friend.
It's probably the scenes that Step Up 3D showed when they were playing this song that made me like it ten times more. Cuz when they were playing this song they were doing this sky view of New York City and also showing us how much fun those 2 were having on top of that air blowing thing and playing with slurpy.
And the hot kiss. Step Up has some of the HOTTEST KISSES.

But seriously, I thought that Moose was the main character and not Luke? And i seriously liked Moose a lot better. Well that's probably just cuz i like Adam as an actor to start with XDD :P

well anyway it was a RLY good movie and for those who haven't watched it yet, it's worth it. XD
and get the OST afterwards too haha =]

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