Thursday, August 5, 2010

Manga Sites

yes, i know, sad isn't it T.T

(oh and btw it's been like almost a yr since i last posted =_= yay~ i've grown up now =])



and many mangas r being licensed recently from various sites. but mostly from those rather famous sites like mangafox. they were also licensed off mangavolume and etc. I WAS SO SAD I THOUGHT I WAS SUFFERING FROM SAD (the disease) WHEN NARUTO AND BLEACH WERE LICENSED OFF MY FAVORITE SITE (mangafox) BUT THEN MY SECOND FAVE SITE (onemanga) STILL HAD IT SO I READ IT THERE UNTIL IT CLOSED DOWN!! AND I THOT THAT I COULD NEVER BE ABLE TO READ NARUTO AND BLEACH AGAIN!!

but i was wrong. ^^

apparently, mangastream has it XDD this is the newest chap of naruto~

but the bleach update shocked the hell out of me O_O

and mangatoshokan decided to quit posting on mangas and focus on manhuas and manhwas D: i like how they treasure Taiwan and Korea but... Y GIVE UP ON JAPAN???

and i forgot which site it was, but the founder of the site (i think) died recently in a bike accident and i certainly do feel sad for this man and his tragic fate... let's pray for those who grieved for him to be able to be at peace
and i certainly do feel his family members' pain cuz my uncle just died not long ago and even though i'm not that close to him, i do still remember how he was such a tsundere that he'd hide his kind side under his mean pokerface D: and i still remember how my aunt cried for months

Pink Lady is a manhwa written and drawn by Yeon Woo. It is awesomeee and we all loved it with no worries up until this post by the author himself. I'll give an overall summary of it. but this is the translation of it


a few months ago, Yeon Woo was contacted by Naver admin and told him that Pink Lady was being translated and posted on mangafox.
the translation is ILLEGAL because it did not recieve permission from Yeon Woo himself or Naver admin.
Yeon Woo somehow got in contact with the scanlator group who did chaps 1-4 and the group apologized and stopped the project. (Yeon Woo also requested the chaps removed, but obviously it didn't happen)
Not long after, Yeon Woo was contacted AGAIN because there were MORE translated chaps out on mangafox. the scanlator group was different this time and thus Yeon Woo could not contact them.
and Yeon Woo said that he likes how people enjoy his works, but, "this harms me, threatening my livelihood and breaking my will for creativity" was wat he sed.
Yeon Woo said that he did not want to make a big fuss out of it, but because there are still new chaps coming out, so he decided to post this onto his page.
Yeon Woo apologized for the inconvenience caused and hopes that Pink Lady gets printed out in english so that we can all enjoy it LEGALLY. =]

well anyway, i think that's about everything i know on the latest things happening on manga sites. >.< wow even i am surprised at how i found these out haha


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