Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Game (HILARIOUS)

So i was trying to find out a way to download the FFVIICC OST. this is wat i found:

Play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII if you're a fan of the series, if you're a hater of the series, if you're a PSP lover or hater, if you've never touched a console in your entire life. Play if for the sake of almost crying when Zack dies in Cloud's arms and play it for the moment when Bahamut splits the skies in two and descends upon the Earth with a fierce attack. Play this title.. You owe it to yourself and to the cult game that Final Fantasy VII is and will be forever. It's a masterpiece, even when played in a language I can't figure out.

<-----OMG that's SO HILARIOUS that last sentence XD and also really tempting eh? PLAY IT!!

found on: http://www.g2p.org/res/index.html

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