Friday, June 26, 2009


omg i LOVE my GRANDMA!!!!

as some of you know, i love this kind of food that's kinda sweet and wrapped in this shiny wrapper. they used to sell it in "ichiban" but now they don't anymore since i went to G2 T.T (i used to eat it EVERYDAY)

this food is RLY important to me cuz i've been eating it since i rmb, and it holds a lotta memories 4 me. well my grandma went to China (Clifford AGAIN) and she BOUGHT ME THIS FOOD THAT I HAVENT EATEN SINCE G2!!!!

omg i LOVE HER!!!!!!
b4 it wasn't called this.. and b4 it was longer... and b4 it was different color wrapping... and it was in a little container-like thing... so different now T.T

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