Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Time

THINK POSITIVE!! there's always a positive side to everything... i mean i'm sad that everything's ending too... but i think that i'm the most sad that there's a possiblity that there's NO YEAR END PARTY!! but i'm still sad that there's no more Chloe and Yau Yau and Val and... Aid? ARGHH!! i'm still gonna see Aid T.T Ms Fed too.... T.T
btw, i promise u... i'll walk even ten thousand miles to see you guys if we meet again sometime!! let's hav reunions ppl!! how does that sound??? KEEP IN TOUCH PLEASEE!!
btw, these songs came from my utube playlist (look at the playlist on the right) (uzer: figureskatingbug (make sure to add me!!))
It's Not Over by Secondhand Serenade <-- actually... i think that this song suits Wan Daicho better since he's heart broken HEHE(omg... am i evil, or am i evil?)
btw... next year... hope it doesn't giv us hell T.T
What Gives You Hell/Hope it Gives You Hell/Gives You Hell (ppl hav been arguing over it 4 a long time O.o) by All American Rejects
and to new kids next year~~ (if there's any) Welcome to the world of doom~~
Welcome To the World by Kevin Rudolph featuring Rick Ross (whoever he is)
just stalking :P i can c how Zzombie calls me stalker lady now XD just check out as much songs on the playlist as possible k? i recommend the song Breathe (2am) and Weight of the World by Evanscence and tons more. check out my channel 4 even more playlists!! i hav 4 playlists but the other one juast has chinese songs which is borrringggggg so i just posted 3 of my music playlists (i hav 5 but i just mainly use 4 :P it's a pain to hav so many songs in a playlist... gotta check them over weekly to see if it's stil available and see if i still like it <--- this part i usually skip -.- too troublesome. so sum of the songs there like sum Aly and AJ songs or JB songs i might not like anymore, yet i didn't take it off O.o) since only 3 playlists r allowed to b displayed. and utube users, i don't recommend the new version of the channel overview. it's a PAIN
so just check out most of the songs on the playlists k?? thx... and hav a fun time~~ i know... i'm sad too T.T
UTUBE ADD ME PLZZZ: figureskatingbug
SINCERELY (translation: evily)HYUGA NEJI!!! U WISH!!
fine. i'm a actually Abe no Masahiro. XD i'd love to b him but i can't T.T
okok. i'm actually Allen Walker. JK never in the world would i turn as cool as him.
I GIVE UP i'm actually Zack Fair... LOL i WISHED that i'd b him T.T
this is the truth... i'm actually Cloud Strife- I WISHED!!!
nothing but the truth this time... i'm actually... Athrun Zala HELL no!! never could i b like him!!hey... i'm actually... ... ... Setsuna F. Seiei. HA! pwned. HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!
okay... enough fun... *sigh* i'm actually... Hitachiin Hikaru. that's half tru XD
STOP!! OKAY!! NO MORE JOKES!! I PROMISE!! i'm actually Usui Takumi HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!! NEVER bleve in a promise u idiot!!
*sigh* okay fine. enuf fun. i'm actually... Kuchiki Byakuya. HOW COULD U BLEVE THAT?? THERE'S NEVER ENUF FUN!!!
oh ya. btw, i'm actually...

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