Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

i was wondering if there ever was a place where i can watch FFVII CC no PSP cutscenes?? cuz i know there's eps cuz i went on the site, but just where can i friggin watch it? or is it possible that i can't watch it online (i thought so)? i mean, they hav AC even on utube and i watched it, but i wanna watch the original of CC. and 4 the game, u need to play it to fill in the gap between CC and AC, rite?? all i know is that Cloud went back to Midgar and Aerith died... and wat is the Last Order 4? it seems like it's just a redo of CC...
O.O Zack's forhead/hair looks weirddddddd
and: in the beginning of CC, Zack was fighting the ShinRa people on top of the train??? isn't Zack ShinRa's ppl too?? or was it sum kinda test 4 Zack??? i dun rly get it -.-
PS: this is not as confusing as Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny.... but still confusing. cuz i didn't watch the entire thing cuz they cut off sum scenes when i watch the PSP cutscenes... so that's y i dun get it...

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