Thursday, May 14, 2009

La lala~~

The earth is rotating~ I feel so sick. Hohoho~~ Look mom!! That's 12 ducks around my head! Look! one has a pimple!! hahahahahahaha!! WOAH. look! one's holding a TV! Bwa hahahahahahaha!! wha-? look!! it's Prince Charming!! what? he's all swollen up!! hahahaha!! Prince Dumpling!! AHH!!! SO WINDY!!!! i hate it when the earth rotates. can't it just stop 4 a sec? gosh... omg! OMG!!! THE EARTH IS TURNING TOWARDS TO SUN!! i'm dragged to my corner!! BWA HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! eh? look! 12 ducks dancing around my head again!! 12 stars too!! oh look! it's Utada Hikaru with a pimple on her eyelid!! hahahahaaha! oh look!! it's my Gundam with a broken antenna...

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