Sunday, May 24, 2009

Usawa no Midori-kun

i DO understand that there tends to be a BIT of sick stuff in this manga, but this manga has the BEST STORYLINE ON THE PLANET.*not gonna post any pics cuz it's troublesome and i need to go to skool. no time.*

talking about a countryside girl who lived with her mother, and father unknown. one summer, a guy named Hino Tsukasa went to this island for a vacation, and bumped into Midori. he then taught her how to play soccer. Tsukasa was a really nice person, and Midori is really cute. they had actually fallen 4 each other~~~~~ HE EVEN GAVE THE SOCCER TO HER B4 HE LEFT

but 4 years later, a Tokyo all boys skool came over, and Tsukasa was on the team. Midori recognized him, and sed hi. then he invited her to the beach. they played a little soccer, and then he kissed her, and then they(THEY DON'T SHOW OK??). later on, she finds out that it was actually a bet, and she got flushed, and realized how much he changed in these past 4 years. he's now nothing but a cold, non-ever-smiling type.

Midori was determined to go after him to Tokyo, pretend to b a boy in the neighboring skool of Tsukasa's, to beat him up.

there r a BIT just a BIT so bear with that BIT k??


Julia C said...

hey.... wers the ending???

Hyuga Neji ROCKZ said...

ZACTLY. i can't find it either T.T

Lesley Havekost said...

i noe ur pain dudes.... i cant find it either.