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Song. Feedback. Now

Prince of Tennis songs desuuuuuuuu

Lesley says that this song is BAD. PROVE TO HER SHE'S RRRRRROOOOOONGGG.
Stand Up by:

Echizen Ryoma (越前 リョーマ)

Seishun Gakuen 1st Year Class 2

Gender: Male

Birthday: 24th December (Capricorn)

Height: 151cm

Weight: 50kg

Blood Type: O

Dominant Hand: LeftPlay

Style: All-Rounder


Shirt: FILA

Shoes: FILA (Marks Philippoussis Mid)


Special Move: Twist Serve, Drive A, Drive B, Drive C, Cool Drive, Cylone Smash, Samurai Drive

Special Mode(Doors of Muga): Muga no Kyouchi, Rai, Hyakuren Jitoku no Kiwami, Ten'imuhou no Kiwami

Favorite Food: Fried fish, Chawanmushi

Hobby: Trying new hot spring bath salts in his bath

Family: Father (Nanjiro), Mother (Rinko), Cousin (Nanako), Cat (Karupin), Adopted brother (Ryoga)

Father's Occupation: Helping to run the temple nearby

Favourite Subject: English, Chemistry (Worst Subjects: Japanese)

Favourite Colour: Silver

Favourite Saying: Mada mada dane

Preferred type: Girls that are suited to have braids

Voice: Minagawa, Junko FEMALE

Echizen Ryoma is the protagonist of this series. He is the son of a former Japanese Tennis Pro Nanjirou Echizen and he is out to conquer the world though tennis. He grew up in the United States and he was fresh from winning four US Junior tournaments when he moved back to Japan with his family and enrolled at Seishun Gakuen.


Fuji Shuusuke (不二 周助)

Seishun Gakuen 3rd Year Class 6

Gender: Male

Birthday: 29th February (Pisces)

Height: 167cm

Weight: 53kg

Blood Type: B

Dominant Hand: Right

Play Style: Triple Counter/Top Spin



Special Move: Tsubame Gaeshi, Higuma Otoshi, Hakugei (Triple Counter)

Favourite Food: Apple, Cajun Food, Spicy Ramen

Hobby: Collecting Cacti, Photography

Family: Father, Mother (Yoshiko), Older sister (Yumiko), Younger Brother (Yuuta)

Father's occupation: Office worker (Overseas work)

Favourite Subject: Classical Literature

Favourite Colour: Beige

Preferred type: Girls with nice fingers

Voice: Kaida, Yuki FEMALE

Shusuke Fuji is a third year student at Seishun Academy. He is given the title "tensai", or genius, due to his tactical skill on the tennis court. He is in the same class as Eiji Kikumaru, and is Eiji's good friend. Fuji is a leap year baby (his birthday is on February 29), and thus he can only properly celebrate his birthday once every four years. Fuji is cheerful and easygoing, with a penchant for playfully teasing those around him.

He is the middle child of the Fuji family. His unnamed father is a foreign-based employee, and is never seen in the series. His mother, 49-year-old Yoshiko, who also has perpetually-closed eyes, is seen in the manga as a kind and dedicated Japanese housewife. His younger brother, Yuta, is a tennis player at St. Rudolph Middle School. Fuji's elder sister, 24-year-old Yumiko, is considered very attractive and is popular among both Fuji and Yuta's friends.

He grew up in Chiba, where he became friends with Kojirō Saeki, the current vice-captain of Rokkaku Middle School Tennis Club. Later on, he moved to Tokyo and entered Seigaku.

Fuji usually takes the position of S2 (Singles 2), although sometimes he is paired with Takashi Kawamura or Eiji Kikumaru in Doubles (with Kikumaru, they are called the "Dream Pair"). Also, he and Ryoma Echizen temporarily take turns for the position of S1 (Singles 1) when captain Kunimitsu Tezuka is in rehabilitation.(information from Wikipedia)

Stand Up: I can't put it as a vid here, cuz i dunno how to download desu... gomen... oh well, GOTTA GET SUM FEEDBACKS.

And also, this song. Gundam SEED ending. NOT BAD AT ALL. BUT LEZ SED IT IS AGAIN. DAMN HER. <---don't care if u tell her

Name: Anna ni issho datta no ni

Other song i REALLY like, but i didn't show Lez.
Also partly in SEED. don't wanna giv info anymore =.=" until sumday when i'm too bored to. i hav the SS project todo. due 2mor, didn't even start.
Also in SEED. Shinkai no Kodoku.
Also in SEED. Fields of Hope. Lacus Clyne has one of the softest voice on EARTH.
Often sang in SEED. by Lacus Clyne. Mizu no Akashi
hehe... could've guessed by now. if u don't like the animations of the amv, don't hafta look. THANKS

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