Friday, May 22, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...Shounen Onmyouji

it's so sad... at the end... Masahiro had to kill Mokkun (he was possesed) or else he'd destroy the earth... and now that he killed Mokkun, his very important person, he is crying over him. He gives his life for Mokkun, but he was stopped on the way to death, by someone who died a long time ago. Masahiro didn't wanna die, because he was only a kid, inexperienced in life. Right before he crossed the lake to death, a lady asked him to sit next to her. she asked him: wat r u doing here? rn't u too young to cross the river?

him: there's a wish i wanted fullfilled no matter wat. and if i cross the river, it'll b granted. (gloomily throut the the entire thing)

her: but it seems there's sum burden left in ur heart...

him: i dun want to make ppl sad anymore... so i thought that i'd make everyone forget about me... it's my grandfather's specialty, so i pleaded him (forced a tiny smile) to erase memories of me from everybody

her: so u came here first, before your grandfather... i also came here first... before the person that i love. (Masahiro looks REALLY sad now) so i thot i'd stay here, instead of crossing. if the person that i love catches up with me, he might be mad, and say 'y did u go first'.

him: (clenches his pants, looking half sad half mad.)

her: (patting his shoulder, trying to comfort him) just as i thot... it's too soon for you to b here. hey, didn't u notice that there's sumthing very precious inside here? (lays her hand on his chest)

him: *huh* (grabs the item outta his shirt that hangs like a necklace on his neck) (opens his hand) (sees the yew scent pack that Akiko gave him, but had given back before he left) i thought that i left it behind...(teary *A BIT*)

her: that heart always yearns for u. r u gonna leave them all?

him: (grasps onto the pack hardly) (getting teary) (cries)

her: (hugs him to comfort him) how foolish, childrens don't hav to surpress their need to cry.

he: (continues crying)

her: how can he do such an unbearable thing to a child? (hugs him tighter) (pats him) let's go
him: (tries to stop crying)

her: now, go back. (points towards the light where he came from)

him: (looks at it)

both: (gets up)

her: i will send u back.

him: (starts walking back)

her: now go home, Masahiro...

him: *shocked* (looks back) how do u know my name? who r u?

her: (starts fading) me? my name is Wakana. (disappears)

his grandfather, Abe no Seimei was holding onto Abe no Masahiro (Masahiro) the whole time thru this, thinking that he died. his grandfather is a famous onmyouji, and right now sent his young soul out to the battle, while his old original body is left in the house.
Seimei: (feels the wind) Wakana...
Wakana was his wife that died a long long time ago.

Now that he returned, that'll mean that no sacrafice, so no revival of Mokkun. Somehow, he was still revived, okay? But that's no good. Cuz now Mokkun is back to how he was like before he met Masahiro 10 years ago. Cold, mean, careless. He lost all him memories of everything that happened. And after Masahiro risked his life for Mokkun too!! He asked Kou, who's this kid? That really hurt. And so at the end, Masahiro and Mokkun had to start all over, although Mokkun seriously forgot all about everything. He didn't know that he forgot everything, because no one told him. He just thinks that: since i'm a god that Seimei had created, my job is to take care of this troublesome grandson of his, rite? and he just forgot all that they had gone thru.

BEST thing is that Masahiro FINALLY ended up with the imperial princess, and the daughter of the minister of the left. they finally had the dreams fulfilled, to watch the fireflies together in summer, but the new Mokkun with that.

HIGHLY RECOMMENED anime. it's bloody, but funny, adventerous, and hot guys (YES!!).

Abe no Masahiro MALE (above)
Fujiwara no Akiko (forgot her last name(beside)

part of a few eps b4 the last, he hands over the yew pack to Akiko gave him (he always added his little spiritual power before he gave it back) because he knew that he would die in the last battle. Akiko refused to take it but when he told her, "i want u to hav it", and hugged her for the first and last time (or so he thot),
she just gave in.

Mokkun is in his false form, as a mononoke. he and Masahiro had known each other for a very long time, until one day, his grandfather sealed up Masahiro's ability to see mononoke's and god's. Masahiro was the first to accept Mokkun as a normal being. Mokkun is a nickname made by Masahiro.

That is Mokkun's real form. real name is Guren. also known as Touda. he is a fire user, and has nearly killed his master and creator, Seimei, because he was possesed, again, by Seimei's best friend.


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